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freeze. he funded rick santorum in the primary. >> ace good man. >> he introduced me to the concept of the self pac. he talked about his friends who fund symphonies or museums or fill tropic projects. he said why should i give my money to the government to spend on what the government wants. i self tax myself and spend my money on rick santorum. >> stephen: if you watched the primaries rick santorum was a tax on all of us. >> was it money well spent? >> stephen: i like that idea. he said by giving to money by charity it's i tax myself. >> it's a self tax. it's better than having the government spend money because the government is not as smart as the super rich which spend money the way they want which is better for all of us. >> stephen: we may not need roads or schools but we need the ballet. >> you might not need air traffic controllers because you might have a private jet. >> stephen: i do have i -- i have a private jet. >> there you go. >> stephen: what upset me most is i'm not one of the super rich. >> how much do you make? >> stephen:ly not tell you. the super rich we're talk
the presidency? we're going to ask rick santorum. and a cadet in the air force forced to choose her child and staying in the air force. does the policy add up? good evening, tonight, we have breaking news. new e-mail, i've got it in my hand, about the attack on the american consulate in libya and i want to read it to you. it says ds command reports the current shelter location for com, which stands for chief of mission, personnel in benghazi is under attack by mortar fire. there are reports of injuries to com staff. this e-mail was sent just before midnight on september 11th of this year. what can you tell us about the significance of this e-mail? >> it shows us that the military nature of the attack, and it came some eight hours after the attack happened. keep in mind what u.s. officials knew at the time. they knew for example, that al sharia was a well equipped group with anti-american sentiment. they had rpgs, mortar rounds, a fleet of vehicles. it wouldn't be surprising if groups had that available. it did indicate that they knew early on this had coordination to it. >> certain will i
. >>> and unemployment rate dropped sharply last month. add rick santorum and newt gingrich to the list of republicans who would like to see big bird on the unemployment line. >>> and finally, what the jobless number means and why some people don't like looking at it. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >> after about losing 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, our businesses have now added 5.2 million new jobs over the past 2 1/2 years. this morning we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. more americans entered the work force. more people are getting jobs. today's news certainly is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. it's a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. we've made too much progress to return to the policies that led to the crisis in the first place. by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. overmany discount
is moderating the positions something rick santorum warned about during the campaign. if you expect to fine santorum upset at his party's nominee, think again. santorum has argued that in bringing more people into the tent mitt romney is clearly proving in the polls that it do serve even with moderating positions, they can and will win. the senator with me right now on the phone. he has a new book, to boot. senator, good to you have. >>guest: thanks for having me on i appreciate it. >>neil: senator, what is your science about the feeling of many of the mother conservative republicans some of whom have been taken back by the moderating positions of mitt romney. some say what happens in a general campaign and others suggest something more sinister. >>guest: i have been pleased he has not moderated that much. i lost a round in the primary with an etch a sketch thanks to a comment and they are going to reset and erase everything and start over and i see nod of that. has he changed his position on taxes? no, he was clear during the republican primary he would limit deductions and limit tax cuts
is eloquently speaking for the right. rick santorum, next. try as mu as you like, an way you like! like parmesan crusted shrimp. hurry in, offer ends soon! i'm ryan isabell and i see food differently. >>neil: back at the vice presidential debate site in kentucky where the sung of a mitt romney changing gories and -- gears and presenting a different mitt romney will come up on issues like abortion and government regulations and issues like whether everyone will get a tax cut and what he will come back and hit the rich on the health cut. many argue he is moderating the positions something rick santorum warned about during the campaign. if you expect to fine santorum upset at his party's nominee, think again. santorum has argued that in bringing more people into the tent mitt romney is clearly proving in the polls that it do serve even with moderating positions, they can and will win. the senator with me right now on the phone. he has a new book, to boot. senator, good to you have. >>guest: thanks for having me on i appreciate it. >>neil: senator, what is your science about the feeling of many of t
candidate who won in a weak field. look who came in second. rick santorum. newt gingrich came in third, ron paul came in fourth. as i wrote that, that's not a field. that's a therapy group. of that group, you know, mitt romney was the most, is the most electable of that group. the process worked. i don't think the republican party can really blame anybody or even themselves for nominating the wrong guy. the trouble is the guy who is the best of the field lacks the common touch that wealthy, privileged people need. franklin roosevelt, privileged, wealthy, had the common touch. john f. kennedy had the common touch. ted kennedy and bobby kennedy did. nelson rockefeller did in new york. mitt romney does not convey that. >> that is such an interesting point, roger, you're making. i believe a lot has been lost whether you talk about wealth and affluence. it does not equate an absence of empathy as he says in the case of health care law in massachusetts. that does not void you of concern for common man or require you to have the assumption that those who are not successful, let's say, the 47%, are
served on rick santorum's presidential campaign. gang, good to have you here. julian, you were saying yesterday don't try too hard for that moment and don't get too snippy, come armed with specifics. what do you think now? president obama was not listening to that. what happened? >> well, you know what? i think ed schultz made a lot of good points but you look at his exchange with the obama campaign manager. he said everybody knows about the 47%. i think the biggest problem for the obama campaign last night was they had a presumption that everybody knows the facts so they don't have to relitigate the facts in a debate. the problem is you have to come into every debate as if nobody knows anything because what mitt romney was able to do was to present a completely different person and a much more aggressive person. and as ed said, ask for the job. so i think the next time what the president needs to do is to litigate that debate as if nobody knows the facts about 47%, bain capital, all the indictable things about mitt romney. he did not do that last night. >> those who watch the politic
will be much polite. both of them got feedback that american people did not like it. rick santorum stomped on his behalf today. >> are enemy's fear us and allies us less and our trust us less. >> the present will claim the end ofccesses in iraq war and the killing of bin laden. these are important events. it helps to understand exactly of these candidate has dawned. that is why the president is to tonight.ard >> democrats say advantage obama this new ad today. >> the clear choice, president obama into the iraq war. leftromney would have there.troops >> the tagline on that ad is, fighting over there and start rebuilding here. it is about the economy. this is about foreign-policy. the economy is still the number- one issue. the'll be able to watch abc 7, coverage begins at 9:00. you can tell us what you think debate with the instant reaction feature of our website. with your computer or compatible smart phone and give us your opinion. the running mates are out there on the campaign trail. joe biden is an ohio. he said his opponents is positions when it comes to cuts to the fed
. there's the good news for him. but a new poll out of ohio, could change the entire race. rick santorum is "outfront", next. plus, the obama campaign says comments made about latinos were off the record. well, now on the record -- is this a 47% moment, or not? and you know you can drive 85 miles an hour legally in this miles an hour legally in this country and i know where. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and
republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> what does he say now? rick santorum weighs in the day after the debate. and governor duval patrick on why he says this about his friend, president obama. >> i for one will not stand by and let him be bullied out of office. >> i will ask them both where this campaign is headed. plus my all-star political experts on what the candidates should do next. >> we are going to take back the white house. >> we don't want what he's been selling for the last year. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. our big story tonight, 33 days to go until the election and in the wake of the first big presidential debate, the candidates are out on the campaign trail sounding like they're pretty well ready for round two already. listen to mitt romney in his surprise visit to the conservative political action conference. >> last night i thought was a great opportunity for the american people to see two very different visions for the country, and i think it was helpful to be able to describe those visions. i saw the president's vision as t
>> yes, ladies and gentlemen, apparently rick santorum not only wants to kill big bird, he wants to eat them. santorum knew right away that maybe that didn't come out right but there are no do-overs on the hms piers. not with captain morgan at the helm. >> that's probably -- can we -- >> no, that was beautifully badly phrased. i think we should end on that note. just to make you feel really uncomfortable. you can kill things but still like them. rick santorum. what a perfect way to end the interview. >> you can kill things but still like them. words to live by on the "ridiculist." that does it for us. see you again one hour from now. another edition of "360" at 10:00 p.m. eastern. thanks for watching. "piers morgan tonight" starts now. >>> tonight, obama's big break. >> my opponent has been trying to do a two-step and reposition and got an extreme makeover. >> crushed by romney on wednesday, he gets a huge boost with the new jobs report. the numbers are surprising, unemployment rate below 8% for the first time in his presidency. but is it enough to stop a surging romney? >> if we
's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. rick santorum and president obama's deputy campaign manager preview what to expect at tonight's presidential debate. >>> and in a "today" exclusive, hear a story of survival from two friends who were left stranded after their plane crashed in the gulf of mexico. >>> and now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports, and more. i'm lynn berry. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. have a good one. -- captions by vitac --
was judicial restraint. listen to former republican presidential candidate rick santorum. >> we need to make it very, very clear what our values are, and that they are not to have elitist judges rule from on high and tell us that we have to fundamentally change who we are as americans, and that's what this is about. >> reporter: what this was about in particular is that iowa's seven supreme court justices ruled in 2009 that a state law prohibiting same-sex marriage violated the iowa constitution. in 2010, three of the seven who were up for retention we voted off t bench. it was decisive and it was orchestrated in large part by a nonprofit organization called the family leader, founded by bob vander plaats. >> when you have a supreme court that is willing to legislate from the bench saying iowa will now be a same-sex marriage state and when you allow them to amend the constitution basically saying we're going to grant rights that our founders could have never imagined, that is a dangerous path to go on. >> reporter: this is former justice michael streit, onof those removed from the bench afte
-a-lay to vote for? (laughter) >> santor-um. >> stephen: rick santorum is not in the race any more! just make up your mind! come on! is it romney or obama? >> rom-bama-ney rom-bama-ney. >> stephen: we'll be right back. w >> stephen: welcome back, everybody, thanks so much. thanks, folks! nation, there is no bigger fan of the sport of cycling than yours truly. (laughter) i love every part of it: the wheels, the kick stand, the little bell. of course, my hero is seven-time tour de france winner and friend of the show lance armstrong. a pioneer in the sport he was, of course, the first man to ride his bike on the moon. (laughter) that's one small pair of shorts far man, one giant bulge for mankind. (laughter) of course, all that is ruined now because the u.s. anti-doping agency is accused armstrong of leading a massive doping program throughout his career. i don't understand why they're coming down on lance for doping! of course you need drugs to compete in a multiweek bicycle race! you need drugs just to watch one! (laughter) and now my friend lance has received the harshest punishment in the hist
romney and rick santorum. as it happened a couple of weeks later we could report rick santorum won that night. the romney victory was not the only falsehood we delivered that night. here's how abc news presented that woman's plea to mitt romney. >> i wanted to show you a moment here earlier today, a supporter approaching romney and saying if you are elected, if you're sent to washington, you've got to do something about the jobs. she doesn't have one, her husband does not have one and neither of them have health care. here's what she said to the former governor. >> please, if you win, if you go on to washington, d.c. >> so moving. >> yes, so moving. so moving and so real. and i mean real in the sense of the work of a great actress being real. because a great actress does not fake emotion on screen. a great actress feels the emotion that she conveys on screen. the emotion is real. a great act stress feels that emotion on demand take after take if necessary. feels that emotion on demand not just in front of the other players in the scene, but a dispassionate film crew trying to captu
presidential candidate, rick santorum, agree that pennsylvania could move to mitt romney's camp if the campaign spent money in the state before the election. their remarks from the u.s. chamber of commerce legal summit are and -- a hour. >> see what we can do to push concepts forward. our final panel of the afternoon focuses on the event that is dominating conversation across the nation and the world actually. i've spoken to many people overseas recently, and everybody is focused on the upcoming election. obviously, from our perspective here at the institute of legal reform, whoever wins the presidential election will have a major impact on legal, regulatory, and enforcement issues going forward. just as crucial as the presidential election, for many of us, are the congressional contests that determine the control, obviously, of the senate and the house. to discuss the upcoming elections, we have invited two well-known political figures from the great commonwealth of pennsylvania, former senator rick santorum, a republican, and former governor ed rendell, a democrat. neither of these men are kn
gingrich, rick santorum, rick perry, herman cain. he made fun of them all again and again and again. but he does on on fox news, he's not just a talking head. he is the party boss saying look, i've got a billion dollars. you're not getting any of it. you're not going to run. you're not going to be the nominee. romney never took off during the primaries. it was simply everyone else was picked off one at a time. >> i arrived late, but to what extent with the republican with ross nader used to call them republic rats. and maybe for every karl rove, there is a less efficient democrat, and at his sake al gores do not really touch a nerve in the american public. so maybe the public is. >> i'm sorry, what is the question? >> it's not just a republican right wing problem, but the democrats also embed in money. they are successful. >> i mean, i entail the same? is that roughly which are getting a? i do think there's fundamental differences than i would use the u.s. attorney scandal just to give you an old. this is a very serious issue when the law is used to prosecute one group of people with a sele
funded a super pac back for rick santorum, today keep ordinary citizens being heard or did that make millions of voters citizens who liked rick santorum, did it help them? rick santorum was getting creamed before foster friess came along. when newt gingrich came out, and support by sheldon abelson, did not drown voices out there that help people hear about newt gingrich? today keep them in the race longer? did more people get to hear his views? we can go back -- >> there were no newt gingrich supporters and there were no rick santorum supporters. that's the point. [talking over each other] >> if those people have actual americans borders and it would've been able to stay in race longer because they would have lots of donors which they did not have. speak at this point we're not talking sosa because we know that many, many speech i don't agree with you. >> if he said that any supporters, you're not talking seriously because there are hundreds of thousands of supporters in newt gingrich and rick santorum who voted for them in the primaries. they had many, many supporters. perhaps you b
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 326 (some duplicates have been removed)